18 November 2008


MTV2, to be exact, on Headbangers Ball, Saturday, November 15, 2008. 2am eastern, 11pm pacific. hopefully, they will play it again...

if you'd like to see it online, go here:


the group: Pelican
the song: Lost in the Headlights
director: myself, Kenneth Thomas
the premise: an instrumental metal band tries desperately to elude a delusional fellow that believes they need a singer.

check it out! and if you dig it, please vote for it as "one of the best metal videos of the year"! do that here:


thanks for watching!

- kenneth

INTRONAUT music video

check it out here:


Sera Timms directed it, and I DP'd it. fuckin epic, should be played in other mediums besides the internet...

it's pretty intense progressive metal, so prepare for both an aural and visual assault.

- kt

note about the below blog

my old blogging page seems to be kaput, so this is the new one. i've just copied and pasted all of the info from the old one to the below post. it contains multiple entries, but all under one date. make sense?

17 November 2008

Thursday, November 15, 2007

ISIS live video online now!

i recently shot a concert video for ISIS, formerly of boston, now from LA - in their hometown in boston. boston's version of The Village Voice, The Boston Phoenix, has placed an edited clip online, that i shot, produced, and edited; with the help of some BU film-school friends!


you'll have to scroll down a bit, to wednesday, nov 14.



Wednesday, July 18, 2007

the salton sea - not the film


pictures from my recent expedition to The Sea can be found at the above link. desolation, death, and a stink that sticks to your body. who wants to go in on some beachfront property?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pelican's "City of Echoes" out this week

get this album by Pelican - killer, intricate, metal, all instrumental. if you get the Japanese version, you'll get a DVD of a live concert they did in LA, sept 2006. filmed and edited by kenneth thomas of The Scourge.

New Neurosis album out today, with the Scourge-produced DVD

hey folks -

today, June 5, Neurosis released their latest album, "Given to the Rising." killer album. full-on heavy pummelling.

and, if you order directly from the band - at www.neurosis.com - you'll receive the Neurosis mini-doc that i shot, edited, and produced, on DVD. 9 minutes of concert footage, interviews, and insights into the making of the album and the stunning artwork.

you can also view it on youtube, but the high-resolution video and audio on the DVD makes all the difference. check it out!


Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Video Promo for Neurosis

check it out on YouTube:


as part of the documentary (still untitled), i interviewed Neurosis and shot one of their concerts. turns out they dug the idea of this doc, so the idea of a mini-doc about their new album was conceived.

folks are diggin it thus far:

1000 hits on the day it was posted, and it was in YouTube's Top 50 Most Viewed Music Videos of that day. right on!

other than that - all of the live shows have been shot for the doc. just 4 more interviews, and the "filming" part of this insanely long process is complete. i'm hoping to have an edit done by the end of august...


Monday, July 24, 2006

most of you probably already know about it, but for those that don't:


the excellent, all-instrumental group, Red Sparowes, have made live the promo that i shot and edited for them. click on the link above and read about it in their "news" section. then, check out the video and enjoy!


Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Chameleons DVD finally released!

...on June 26th, that is - just go here for more info:


4 years ago, The Scourge Productions was given the privilege to film The Chameleons in concert, during the California portion of their tour. The footage came out beautifully, so, with the band we decided to produce a double-DVD live set of their two nights in San Francisco.

You can check out the trailer, here:


This is a 100-percent Scourge Production, and this is a live DVD that is 100-percent endorsed by the band. Check it out!