30 March 2011

5-year music doc complete and premiere

Blood, Sweat, and Vinyl: DIY in the 21st Century - this is 5.5 years in the making, folks, and it's premiering at the Heavy Metal Film Festival, Sunday, April 3, in Los Angeles. More details here:


Picture of Isis at the Great American Music Hall, 2010.
Photo credit: Josh Keppel

24 March 2011

09 March 2011

The Scourge of the Airwaves - 09-10 March 2011

Hey, my little Scourges -

There will be NO broadcast tonight, Wednesday, 09 March. The Scourge is readying his music documentary, which is due at the end of the month for a film fest premiere at the Heavy Metal Film Festival in Los Angeles! Hence, mass editing needs to be done to polish it up.

However, starting 10 March 2011, The Scourge will be broadcasting on Thursday nights, along with the regular Wednesday nights. That's right, your requests for more aural pleasure have been heeded! Wednesday nights will be broadcast from the SFAI campus, while Thursday nights will be transmitted from Scourge HQ, thanks to Cascade Community Radio. Two nights per week of heaviness; what more could you ask for? Well, every night, I suppose, but you'll have to handle that on your own. I'll give you this - check out Monday nights from 6-8pm, also on CCR, for more epic jams with Children of Saturn! That should give you a nice spread of heavy throughout the week.

Wednesdays (starting next week) - 8-10pm PST - http://thetower.sfai.edu
Thusdays (starting this week) - 8-10pm PST - http://www.radio23.org/ccr/

02 March 2011

The Scourge of the Airwaves - 02 March 2011 setlist

Godspeed You! Black Emperor setlist from tonight's show! Emulating their first ATP performance, which was also their first show after a 7-year hiatus. podcast soon!

The Scourge of the Airwaves - show 04

tonight! The Scourge shall broadcast Godspeed You! Black Emperor's first concert set, back from their hiatus, from 03 December 2011, at the ATP fest. after absorbing all of their recent shows in california, tonight will be a fitting tribute - 8pm PST - http://thetower.sfai.edu